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Come Hunt November!!!

If you are into hunting waterfowl that have just migrated across a large span of open ocean and are hungry, that have come here to eat and are feeding heavy. Birds, “Trophy Birds” in large numbers, all 5 species of Sea Ducks at the same place at the same time that have not been hunted yet. Then come and hunt with us in November because its happening now. No B.S. the birds are handling extremely well right now and life is good. Please give us a call at 508-237-9796 all the Best. Capt. Len

Summer on Cape Cod

Summer on Cape Cod, the streets are packed, the spots we normally hunt have no sign of duck hunting other than a cameo bikini I spotted the other day and the hand full of carry over Eiders that have started nesting on the Monomoy National wild life refuge. My duck boat kind of looks sad sitting next to the house sweating in the summer sun. Smokey our black lab is sleeping all day long in the air conditioned living room on the couch when no one is around and life is good. With the striped bass we are catching on the Magellan being black and white like the drake Eider I can’t stop telling duck hunting stories to our fishing charters. Yes crazy to most but to a true duck hunter there is really only one thing that occupies our mind more than duck hunting and as we get older they say that even falls behind. Once July 1st hits all bets are off, because we start fishing nearly around the clock. The wind that is so helpful duck hunting comes now and again thru-out the summer as a well needed day off and Advil fits the bill. Come late September early October when the first flights of birds start running the coast, my mind will be back on track. But for now it is Finns rather than feathers and sun tan oil on my nose rather than wd-40 on my barrel. Until then all the best. Capt. Lenny Greiner

Spring on Cape Cod

Spring is finally here on the Cape Cod and today is one of the most special days of the year, my wife Debbie’s birthday. Debbie is an excellent Mom to our five kids and black lab Smokey and the best thing that has ever happened to us. She has allowed me to go as far as I dare as a Charter Boat Captain and Duck Hunting Guide. Not to Mention the 20+ years of going to sea in the U.S. Merchant Marine. Happy Birthday Debbie we love you and God Bless. Now that clocks have jumped ahead and the days are getting longer we are still seeing a strong waterfowl population on the Cape. I have noticed lots of Black Ducks, Brant and Eiders in the area. With the last of winters chill in the air the majority of birds have started their migration back to the nesting grounds. So its over, Duck Season that is and now it is time to think about what next season will offer and how to put into play the ideas we came up with last year to make our hunts even better. The duck boat has been put to rest, decoys hung up in the shed and that old Browning square back A5 oiled heavy for the summer with the hope of getting to pop a few Mako sharks in the off season. Thank Goodness for fishing because with out it what would or could a true Duck hunting fool do to keep out of trouble. The Striped Bass, Tuna and Shark reels are getting tuned up and things are getting ready to pop. If you need a fix in this off season for duck hunting check out our specials for next year or give us a call and book a fishing trip. We love what we do so it is easy to be good at it. All the best. Capt. Len Greiner

Eider & WaterFowl Hunting

Bag Common Eider, Old Squawl, White Wing Scooter…

On our Waterfowler’s hunt we can specifically target sea ducks other than Eiders or target a mixed bag of waterfowl before or after an Eider hunt. On a Waterfowler hunt you may see and bag any of the following: Black Duck, Brant, Geese, Bufflehead, Merganser, Scaulp, Golden Eye, and a wide variety of puddle ducks depending on where we hunt or the given day. This is not necessarily a sunrise to sunset hunt. We hunt the weather and the tides for these additional species and incorporate this hunt in conjunction with an eider hunt most days. Please let us know in advance if you are planning a trophy hunt so we can better suit your needs.

Sea Duck hunting is underway

Hunting season is off to another great start. All the decoys are painted, rigged and ready to go. We stopped fishing November 1st and switched over to sea duck hunting with great success, even in the mild weather of early November. The flights of migrating Eiders, scoters and Old Squaws started running the coast in early October. At the time we were still running tuna, shark and striped bass fishing charters on the Magellan, our 35 ft Duffy. Check us out at It was very distracting trying to keep the boat in the rips in early October while bass fishing with all those early morning birds in the air. At night when running offshore tuna fishing we had a few eiders bounce off the hull. We have to transit Monomoy shoals when running off shore tuna fishing and pass over a huge offshore mussel bed that the eiders found early this season. With the deck light on the birds are blinded and a few flew right into the boat. Believe me, it really makes your head spin when a 7 pound eider hits the side of the pilot house in the dark. We plan on running cast and blast trips if interested. We still have a few openings this season in December and January, so if interested in booking a trip give us a call. All the best Capt. Len Greiner 508-237-9796

Happy New Year on Cape Cod

It is cold on the Cape but the sea duck hunting has been good this winter season. We will be offering a cast and blast combo this coming season in October and November. The Striped Bass, Tuna and sharks will still be here in Oct./Nov. as well as the south bound flights of Sea Ducks. If interested please check out our fishing web site. Once our Sea Duck and Brant season ends we will be setting our sights on Cod fishing in March and will be running Cod trips till early May. May 11 kicks off the Porgy and Black Sea Bass run followed by the Striped Bass in Late May. We expect the Striped Bass and Blue fishing to get red hot again this season in early June and will be running Striped Bass trips thru early November. Last season we did well on our shark trips in early July with lots of blue sharks a few Makos and a Thresher shark that went 500+ pounds. We will be ready for early Blue fin tuna fishing in early July and will be running Tuna/Shark trips thru Early November. It still not too late to get in your last duck hunt, season runs thru the end of January. If interested give us a call. Happy new year. Capt. Len

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