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Brant are a small salt water goose with a short bill that nest in the high arctic tundra and winters along the Atlantic coast as far south as Virginia. Brant look much bigger than they actually are because of their large wings in relation to their body weight of being only about 3.5 pounds. Their migration pattern takes them to James Bay where they split. Half fly south using the Hudson river valley as an aid to navigation to the mid Atlantic States and the other half fly along the Gulf of St. Laurence and down the coast of Maine eventually wintering in New England.

Brant forage strictly on vegetation. Brant have a diet that is made up of mostly all grass, sea lettuce and Widgeon grass. Brant like their close relative the Canada Goose, have shown signs of becoming semi domesticated on their wintering grounds where they can be found feeding on lawn grass anywhere it can be found in close proximity to salt water.

Brant decoy very well and we have seen flocks come in and after being shot at, return to the decoys for a second pass. The Brant season in Massachusetts is normally a split season with a daily bag limit of 2 Brant a day.

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